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Meet Veronica

Soloist, Young Canadian Artist, Singer and Songwriter. Born on August 31st 1998. VRONI, aka Veronica released her first single "Broken Dreams" on December 2012 along with her very own music video that was most viewed by her fans. She started creating originals at the age of 13. Vroni has preformed at many events like Open Mics, Festivals and Weddings. She has experience with all sorts of genres like pop, opera, classical, R & B and rock, as she has honours in theoretical and voice examinations from the Royal Conservatory. Her profession is singing, but she with holds other talents like playing the guitar and the piano. Vroni puts her heart into her music and writes meaningful songs that are based on positive and negative experiences in her past. Her main goal is to make amazing music that people can relate to and love to listen to. She hopes her music helps people overcome certain times in their life, as they can relate to her. Veronica will continue to do what she loves best each day, as she gets better at it each second.

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Princess Elsa Impersonator

Toronto Singer Laura

Singer Toronto - Laura

The princess Elsa we have here at Stage Entertainment is the best in Ontario, She can sing the frozen song live perfectly! She also has actually worked at Disney in the USA so she is as top notch as you can get! Laura aka Elsa is one of the best SINGERS IN TORONTO.

John Chantry Singer

Toronto Piano Player

Toronto Piano Player


John has loved the piano since he was a child, he has incredible talent and an amazing voice. he has many years of experience He toured with various bands, until he went solo. He is VERY versatile and can play to a wide variety of venues and age groups. He can play all kinds of music and is on of the best Toronto piano players!

Deidrey Francois

Female Impersonators

Katy perry Impersonator

Katy Perry

Cher Impersonator


Men Impersonators

Impersonator Elvis

Elvis mens

Impersonator Elton John

Elton John

With Stage Entertainment singing telegrams you're promised the perfect singing telegram for your special occasion or holiday celebration. Our delivery of your singing telegram will bring that extra “something” to your event. Let us help you plan your event so you can sit back and relax while enjoying a song!

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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera



Hire one of the Beatles in a different costume



We have some of the greatest singers in Toronto. Our singers train day and night to deliver you a breath-taking experience.

What are some of the most common songs we sing?

  • Birthday Songs
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Katy Perry
  • Frank Sinatra
  • The Beatles
  • Lady Gaga
  • Madonna
  • Christmas songs & Christmas carol singers
  • Cartoon Songs

Singer Toronto

If you are looking for a Toronto singer, then look no further. Our singers range from different ages, and looks. We make sure that each singer has had massive vocal training, theatre experience, and a love for kids and, big and small audiences. Most of our singers are either in a full band or have been in one in the past.

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