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We provide the finest experience that will last forever since our expertise in handling and planning various events do a great job when it comes to providing the best service to our customers. Our expertise in Event Management in Toronto Corporate parties include:

  • Customer Appreciation Day
  • Casino Parties
  • Theme Parties
  • Grand Openings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Company Picnics

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Toronto Corporate Entertainment

  • Musical Entertainment: Our musicians are top of the line. We are able to perform multiple instruments, songs, and provide different types of music. Our team of musicians are all hand-picked from the best in the GTA.
  • Break Dancers & Choreographers: We have break dancers and choreographers who have experience serving some of the top music artists in the world. They’ve been on MTV, and other music awards.
  • Dj’s: We have DJ’s who can help set the tone for your corporate party. Whether it be a corporate party that is celebrating a M&A or a company anniversary, our DJ’s will make your party a night to remember.
  • Casino Entertainment:We have Black Jack and Poker Dealers who can light up your party. All of the money can be donated back to your organization’s charity.
  • Cowboy and Rodeo Entertainment: Looking to pull a fun theme for a outdoor/indoor corporate party? This is typically ideal for large outdoor areas such as: street festivals, and parks. We can turn it into the “Wild Wild West” This is also suitable for large ballrooms. We have a professional cowboy that can do rope tricks, whip cracking tricks, and his most famous trick, knife throwing a giant spinning wheel with his lovely assistant strapped on to the wheel.
  • Hypnotist:Our hypnotists can hypnotize almost anybody. If there is someone in your company that you would love to get back at, because they are always razzing everyone, using a hypnotist can give you the chance to get back at them. Hypnotize them, and turn them into a dog or monkey in front of everybody.
  • Magicians: Our magicians can pull off some really cool tricks. Whether it be getting a beautiful lady to disappear or to appear from thin air, all the way to making a dove come out a hat.
  • Clown Entertainment: Clown entertainment is very popular with our company. We find a lot of clients order our clowns every year for their corporate party – especially when you have your employees bring their children, it is a great way to entertain them.
  • Bollywood Entertainment: If you are looking for some entertainment to spice up the mood for any occasion, then try our agency. We have belly dancers and Asian dancers who can make your event interesting.
  • Impersonators:We have the largest range of impersonators in Canada. Some of them include Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Austin Powers, Pamela Anderson, Elton John, Bon Jovi, and Madonna. We have the costumes for almost every major superhero, kid’s character, and actor.

Why waste time planning for events when our group of Toronto Corporate entertainment can handle the job flawlessly. Regardless of the event being small or large our planners work intensively to deliver the purest party that you deserve.  Take a look at our pages of entertainment and many more to have a good idea of what you need. Feel free to call us or leave a message and we will be happy to assist you.

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