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Are you looking to hire any clowns in Toronto? We are known in Canada for our professional clowns. 

Here are some of our testimonials:

“We hired two clowns from Stage Entertainment for our son’s birthday party. They came in on time, and all of our guests had a blast. Thank you Stage Entertainment!”
-Jerry B

“My daughter had her fourth birthday party, and we were looking for a clown in Toronto to book; so we called Stage Entertainment and had “Kookoo” the clown come. She was amazing”

“We searched on Google, “Clowns Toronto”, and we found Stage Entertainment. We called them up, and the entire process was very easy and professional. We’ve used other entertainment companies in the past, and we have never ever been as happy as we are with Stage Entertainment.”|

“After using Stage Entertainment, we realized that this agency had the best Toronto clowns around.”

We have a wide variety of Toronto clown costumes that you can choose from.

We have a wide variety of Toronto clown costumes that you can choose from.

Clown Toronto


Our clown costumes include:

  • Multiple Colors: Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow
  • Multiple Patterns: Line-Pattern, Plaid, and more
  • Multiple Themes: We also have multiple themes that you can use to match your setting.


What our clowns can do:

  • Face Painting:
    Our clowns will arrive to your birthday party and paint your kid`s face. Kid`s love this; they love to take pictures and show off to their friends.
  • Balloon Animals:
    Our clowns can blow up balloon animals. The clown will ask what each kid`s favorite animal is, then he would make a balloon animal for that kid.
  • Musical Instruments:
    The entertainers can use drums, guitars, flute, and can make fun musical instruments using arts and crafts.
  • Nail Painting:
    A lot of children like nail painting with clowns. The clown can spend time painting the nails of each kid.
  • Singing Clowns:
    The clowns can sing happy birthday, happy anniversary, “for he is the jolly good fellow” and other famous cartoon theme songs. The most favorite one of them all is “Barnie” and “Sesame Street” songs.
  • Magical Clowns:
    The magical clowns can do magic tricks of many different types. They can turn ribbons into flowers; pull things out of hats, make things disappear and reappear.


What games do our clowns play with kids:

  • Ring around a Rosey
  • Green Light
  • Musical Chairs
  • Tag, Frozen Tag
  • Wing Toss  are some games that our clowns play



If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

Toronto Clown

We have a wide variety of clown costumes that you can choose from.

Why you should hire a clown?

Clowns can make it memorable
Clowns are very funny and fun for children. They come in with bright colours, smiles, and funky hair. Children go them like a magnet. When you hire our clowns, we can guarantee that your children will be absolutely curious about this clown.
Clowns can actually engage
Unlike other forms of entertainment, is it a clown’s job to actually go to guests and talk to them. Clowns will ask questions, and use props and tools to entertain their specific assigned guest. Compared to dancers, and singers – clowns have much more abilities to enhance their performance.
Clowns work for both male and female audiences
The performance that a clown gives to a female is the same performance that a clown will give to a male. This is good as most parties have both male and female.
Clowns can give animal balloons and other props out
Clowns are able to create funky animal balloons that each kid can take home. It’s almost like a loot bag, but more fun. Clowns can also be used to give goodies out at the end of the party.
Clowns can do face and hand painting
Kids like to leave with a blast. When you hire our clowns, they can receive a special present: face paint. When a kid gets face paint, you can take pictures and share it on social media. Or simply allow the kid to run around the house and show him or herself off to all the other guests. Kids have always loved face painting with our clowns.
When you call us, let us know who the birthday boy or girl is and that they would like a loot bag; and our company will prepare a special loot bag for them.

What people say about our clowns and entertainers

I highly recommend Stage Entertainment! They where very professional from start to finish. They worked with
me and made suggestions so that my daughters day would be spectacular and that it was!. We hired an clown entertainer for a Minions themed first birthday with kids from 1-9. The entertainer (Bobo the Clown) was excellent, the kids loved him and he had a great rapport with them. He put on a great show (games, tricks, jokes balloons and more) and also was able to work alongside other things we had planned separately! Stage Entertainment was superb and I would no hesitation in using them again! Thanks again!

By Debra on 16/02/2016 3:35:44 PM


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