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We have all the characters that you need for your Christmas party.


Planning a Christmas party can be stressful, especially when you have a large guest list and you want to impress your guests. Whether it a personal family party, or a corporate Christmas party, our event planners can help you.

One client called us a day after their party and said that they had the best Toronto Christmas party They ever had.

We can offer you not only Santa Claus in full uniform but we also offer Mrs. Claus, elves, Santa helpers, and a giant 8-foot Santa throne. Our Santa can sing, face paint, make animal balloons, hand out gifts, pose for photos, play games, and tell stories. To see more information on our Santa Claus please Click Here

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We service the following areas: Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, St. Catherines, Ajax, Pickering, New Market, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Woodbridge, and Barrie

toronto christmas party

Hire a Santa Claus and have him visit your Christmas Party.

Toronto Christmas Celebration: Important things to do

If you have decided to celebrate the Christmas in Toronto then there are  few tips and things to do in the lovely city, maybe they will be a lot similar as most of the Christians do in their hometown. There is a whole lot of excitement as we celebrate and get excited about a couple of festivals compared to other countries and these are Christmas and the Easter. So why not enjoy and make plans in advance on how we can celebrate it better. Below are some answers to the question you might have in mind.


The Top Picks for This Weekend:

Where to pick a Christmas tree from                   

You don’t have to really be bothered about it as this is the occasion where you can find beautiful Christmas trees all over in the Toronto. However, you should always look for best of choices and negotiate for the price. Trust on the word, this will save you money but the negative is that you will have to spare some extra time and this is something which we should be doing in our festive season.

The GTA and Santa’s clauses parade

One of the most popular things during the festive season is the GTA and the Santa’s parade, never miss out on that and especially with kids on the block, they will love you for that if not much. Another thing is not to miss the film festival that basically means the screening of movies which includes exhibitions as well. There are screenplays, notes scripts and many other things to make your festive weekend as a more joyful Christmas.  Kubrick’s film graphic is something to look for and you have no restriction to move in.

The Events in November                                                                                

The time of November is a tricky wherein you will have to give a second thought whether to stay cozy with the bonfire or to go out. However do not miss on these special events which are especially performed at the time of November. These events are one of kinds seasons Christmas show. Also, make sure that you do not forget to visit the Santa Clause Parade.

The Week 24th to 30th

There will be tickets availability for live performance and concerts which can’t be really ignored at the cost of entertainment. These are usually performed by Gordon light foot, Stevie wonder, most importantly the Canadian rock stars including strumbellas, Arkells and Sensation at the Rogers Centre. To get to groove these nights in Toronto you have the most incredible DJ’s on the scene that rocks the night with amazing electro hits.

More things to do in Toronto


Below are a few more things that you can do in Toronto depending on your stay

The Ontario Science Center

This is an inside story where the guests understand and learn about the neurons composing the human brains. These control the sensations, thoughts and outer emotions.

The Swedish craft

This is another event which shows the cultural cuisine, the traditional crafts, Lucia pageant and the other exciting festive entertainment events.

If you are still there on a Sunday other events to watch for include 12 Tress Christmas, Evita & Western & Hamper’s Santa Clause Parade.





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