Oakville Santa Claus for Hire

Each year, families and corporations in Oakville call us to book a Santa Claus. We have provided
thousands of Santa Claus rentals for clients all over the country. Hiring a Santa Claus is a great way to
engage and entertain your guests during the holiday season.

Why choose us?
Each Santa Claus rental we offer has complete theatrical training and professional singing experience.
This is because we believe that a great Santa should have a background in Kids Theater, singing and
acting. When you book our Santa Clauses for your private function or corporate event, we guarantee
you complete satisfaction. Dressing up as Santa during the holidays is something that takes passion and
a true desire to play the role. We ensure that the Santa’s we hire want the job. To us, being Santa is not
only a job, it is a permanent career. We screen our applicants prudently and hire candidates who are as
passionate as we are about bringing joy to the life of others. We also have Mrs. Claus and Elves available
to hand out gifts, do face painting and animal balloons.

Our services
If you are having an event with adults or children who want gifts, then our Santa rental services will suit
you. If you would like Santa to call out names and hand out gifts, we can arrange that. Our Santa will
memorize the name and gift prior to the event and can even give your recipients a special speech to
make the experience even better. By hiring a Santa Claus for your event, you can guarantee your guests’
happiness. We guarantee you round the clock services even when other companies close shop for the
day. We will discuss with you about your expectations and wants at the same time guaranteeing you
availability and convenience.

Rent a Santa
Apart from home visits, we also do corporate Santa bookings. If you would like to entertain your guests
and your staff, you can rent a Santa Claus from us. You can even rent supplementary equipment such as
a throne and Santa’s helpers. For instance, in one of our projects, we worked with a major restaurant
chain that wanted our Santa to receive guests and give gifts to children that entered the restaurant. The
aim was to create an unforgettable brand experience for their clients as well as help uphold their image
as a quality restaurant that cares about its clients. If you are looking for a Santa Claus rental in Oakville,
then we are your one stop shop. Our Santa Claus rentals have the reputation of being the most
specialized and entertaining actors. Every day, we receive calls from families and companies for our
services. We have a variety of Santa Clauses who are ready and trained to perform for your Christmas
party. All our Santa’s are professionals who will not smoke or drink while on the job. Additionally, they
all have police clearance reports. Whether you are looking to hire our Santa’s for your company or
family, we guarantee satisfaction so feel free to jump into the bandwagon of our satisfied clients.

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