Niagara Falls Santa Claus for Hire

It is possible for anyone to buy a gift but it takes more than money to find a real Santa. As you think of
spreading cheer during Christmas, have you ever stopped to ask what it takes to have a real Santa at
your event? Our professionals do not just put on a red suit, they have the passion to spread joy during
the festive season and interact with children. Whether you are looking for a Santa to be the festive
center piece of the office holiday party or want to help make vivid memories for a group of kids, here
are some of the factors that will make you choose us to provide you with a perfect Santa for your event.

Insurance and documentation
Our professionals carry performers insurance. Additionally, there are professional screening services
where if you hire a Santa Claus, they do a background check on them. We ensure that our actors have
something to show that they are safe performers upon the request of a client. We understand that skills
need upgrading from time to time and as such, we regularly send our Santa impersonators for seminars
and workshops where they attain attendance and merit certificates. You can trust our Santa with your
kids because they have the training required to handle children.

Most children have a perception of who Santa is. For instance, Santa uses reindeers as a form of
transportation. So how will you explain Santa driving into a Christmas party? Our Santa Clauses never
show up to an event in their personal cars. This is because we know that children are not stupid and we
need to keep the spirit of Christmas and Santa alive. Therefore, Santa will park their car at a distant
parking lot, dress up as Santa and then have their helper drive their car to your event. Most kids will
always ask Santa where their reindeers are. Of course we will not have them thinking that Santa did not
come prepared so we just say that reindeers cannot get into the premises.

Our professional Santa will not wear fake boots or belts. This is because we know that these are the
little things that make everything special. We have an assortment of different looks. For instance, we do
nursing home events in Victorian Santa suits, which have snowflakes and capes. In terms of beards, we
use theatrical ones. We know that a one piece beard is not a good look because the whole thing moves
every time Santa speaks. Our real bearded Santa’s’ have multi colored beards. They start bleaching them
out at the beginning of October because not every beard will turn white in time for a Christmas event.
Our Santa impersonators are really the best because they have the patience. They work with special
needs children and conflict resolution so sticking cameras in their faces will not annoy them. Keep in
mind that Santa is busiest during Christmas and it will not be easy to get your hands one. We encourage
our clients to book Santa as early as October in order to avoid the last minute rush.

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