Mississauga Santa Claus for Hire

As the holiday season approaches, Santa Claus is in the minds of many children across Canada. At times,
parents’ thoughts float there as well but for different reasons. Parents of young children wonder
whether they should promote the fairytale of the jolly old man in the red suit, while parents of older
children worry about what they are going to tell their children when they ask for the truth. Underlying in
both of this questions is an even bigger question: Is it good for children to believe in Santa Claus?
We are a top talent family entertainment agency in Mississauga that principally provides entertainers
such as magicians, mascots, costumed characters and clowns. We also have seasonal characters such as
Santa Claus for Christmas, Dracula for Halloween and the Easter bunny for Easter.

Santa rentals Mississauga
We have several Santa Claus to serve you. We have Santa Claus for Holiday and company Christmas
parties. In the past, we have provided Father Christmas for restaurants, car dealerships and even private
parties. December is Santa’s busiest month so ensure that you book him early. We also have a real
bearded Santa but you will have to dig deeper into your pocket if that is what you want.

Santa Claus party Mississauga
Mostly, we organize Santa appearances at Children’s parties. As such, the basic rule we have is to be
professional because even though children are small, they are certainly not stupid. We understand that
even though grownups may be present, that is not their party. Therefore, we base our actions on what a
child would expect from Santa. We stay in character as long as we are at the party and pay attention to
detail because kids are very observant, especially when Santa makes a guest appearance. They want to
remember everything, and they will including the smallest details. We like to coordinate with our hosts
about when we will show up. It is always fun if you have presents wrapped up in a bag outside for Santa
to pick up and bring to the kids.

Rent a Santa
Bring Christmas cheer to your holiday party by hiring a Santa Claus from us. The cost of hiring a
professional Santa depends on travel costs, your location, the quality of Santa’s costume and the
activities that we will provide. We charge a little bit more for real bearded Santa because of their
authenticity and likeness. Our Santa’s book up very fast so be sure that you start planning early. You can
look through our online profile for photos, reviews and videos for past clients to ensure that you are
hiring the right professional for your party. If you want a real Santa, we specify if we have one with the
real snowy beard. If you are booking through GigSalad, you can send a message to ask about our
services and prices. Ensure that you keep a record of the discussion’s details and confirm your
agreement in writing so that we can be able to meet all your expectations. Clearly, we offer professional
services so do not hesitate to contact us today to hire a Santa Claus for your Christmas event.

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