Hamilton Santa Claus for Hire

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Santa Claus in Hamilton. During the holiday season,
everyone especially children wants to experience the wonderful Christmas spirit that comes along with a
visit from Father Christmas. If you are interested in hiring a Santa for your holiday party, we are your
best service provider. You will first want to consider what kind of Santa you want at your event. Finding
a Santa that matches your ideals of what Santa looks like can be quite difficult. Here are a few things to
consider that will help you select the perfect Santa for your party.

Insurance and background
When you invite a performer around your children, you want to ensure that they are safe. This same
rules apply when you hire a Santa Claus. Make sure that Santa is a certified professional who will ensure
the safety of the children he visits by having a background check on them. Our Santa’s carry Entertainer
Liability insurance. We also have an online profile for our entertainers where you can look at their
bookings and read their previous client’s feedback. You want the assurance that Santa has the
experience and is comfortable with an assortment of events. Going through real reviews from previous
clients can tell you a lot about a performer and as such, references are very important.

Consider the children
If you want to hire a Santa for a children’s event, you need to think about how you would like Santa to
intermingle with them. First, consider who the children perceive Santa to be. Do you need Santa to act
as themselves or one of the helpers? For home visits, we can work together with you so as to come up
with a desired personalized visit. For example if your kid is good at one thing such as eating their
vegetables but constantly forgets to pick up their toys, we can have Santa encourage them to remember
to pick up their toys. Most children will usually respond positively because of course, they want Santa to
visit then the following year and bring them a gift of their choice because they have been good.

Book in advance
If you want to book Santa during the holiday season, just keep in mind that they are busiest then.
Beginning mid-October to mid-January, Santa’s are very busy so if you are looking for an experienced
Santa, it would be ideal to book one at the beginning of October. The two weekends just before
Christmas are the highest demand times during the holiday season. Most of our Santa’s will be booked
early as much as three months in advance. If you are lucky enough to get a Santa at that time, we will
have to charge you more than usual because it is such a high demand time. The best way to ensure that
you get your first choice of Santa is to book in advance. Additionally, the sooner you look, the better
options you will have when it comes to booking. Contact us in good time and we will deliver Santa to
you in a timely manner as well.

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