St. Catherine’s Santa Claus for Hire

Santa Claus represents a lot of things to a lot of people in St. Catherine’s but to children, Santa is
magical. Most individuals remember going to their local department store or shopping malls as children
and most have kept this tradition by doing the same with their own. Of course, that is after you’re lucky
enough to find a parking spot and wait in a long line hoping that you child will get a chance to interact
with Santa. So why not let us bring Santa to you and save you the trouble? Santa is not just for the malls,
we can help you have a memorable Christmas event by bringing Santa in. However, before you decide to
hire Santa here are some questions that you need to answer so that we can deliver the perfect Santa for
your Christmas event.

What should Santa do?
If what you are looking for is someone to pass a few gifts to a couple of kids, then you can do it yourself.
However, if you are looking for a Santa that can also entertain, then we are your best bet. We have a
variety of Santa impersonators who do different things such as dance, sing, tell stories and do a little
magic but they all have one thing in common and that is dealing with children. As such, you can entrust
your children with our Santa and rest assured that they will have a good time.

What kind of experience and training does Santa have?
For us, Santa is serious business and there are schools, programs and seminars dedicated to giving
professionals the skills they require to be a traditional Santa. We understand that experience is an
important part of being Santa and that is why we send our staff to upgrade their skills in such platforms.
With the existence of a Santa Claus Hall of Fame, there are many Santa’s who remain active even after
being in service for forty or more years. Everyone needs to start somewhere, so we consider training as
a very significant factor.

Do they really look like Santa?
Playing the role of Santa takes more than just putting on the red suit. Our professional Santas’ spend
hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on their suit and the accessories that come with it.
Therefore, it is easy to notice the difference between our professionals and amateurs. Our suits and
accessories are neat and clean which, is important in creating a genuine Santa experience. Most
professional Santas’ have a real beard. As a matter of fact, there are a number of associations devoted
to real bearded Santas’. A few of our Santas’ will don an artificial beard, which may be fine for your
event but we ensure that it looks life-like in appearance. Never delay booking a Santa for your Christmas
event because it is never too early. Save yourself the hassle of struggling with the huge number of
people who start planning their parties when it’s already the holiday season. Find and book your Santa
with us in good time and you will not regret.

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