If you are looking for any Toronto Superheroes, then please call us at: 416-635-6925 as our Superheroes are as close to the actual movie/comic book as possible.

Here is a list of superheroes that we carry:

  • Superman:

                  You can hire superman for your party With his red came, and blue outfit,

                  he can role-play with the kids and fight  evil villains

.Superman Man of Steel

  • Batman:

          Batman will arrive and save the day with his black cape and mask.

         He will show cool gadgets and tricks to kids.

         Dark Knight

         Iron Man:

  • Iron man will come by and sing happy birthday to your son or daughter.

          Iron Man possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability and array of weapons..Toronto Ironman

  • Thor:
    Thor will come running in the room with his hammer. And he will ask: "where is Loki?"Thor Toronto
  • Spider-man:
    Spider-man is flexible and can do kart wheels. If your child is looking to see some acrobatics, spiderman is the superhero that you want to hire.

SupermanSpiderman with kids

  • Aqua Man:
    Aquaman can come to your house with his trident.
  • Ant Man:
    Ant Man with his nice red suit and mask.
  • Cyclops:
    Cyclops the captain of the X-Men can visit your house with his eye visor.
  • Incredible Hulk:
    His big, bulky, and strong. He will say: "Hulk smash!"hulk_250px
  • Captain America:
    With his stars and stripers outfit, Captain America will save the day!maxresdefault
  • Power Rangers:
    We have the entire selection of power rangers that you can select from: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Orange, and Pink. Lately the Pink Ranger has been the most popular for girls.Power Rangers
  • Ninja Turtles:
    The turtle superheroes include: Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and much more.. You can hire them and fight Shredder together.tmnt2017
  • The Flash:
    Do you need the Flash to race your kids? He is fast and he can play games like tag if you choose to book him for more time.THe Flash
  • Luke Skywalker:
    Luke Skywalker will come into the scene wielding his light saber. You can hire multiple jedi's and fight multiple Siths who are invading your home.
  • Anakin Skywalker:
    Do you want Anakin Skywalker to fight Obi Wan Kenobi? Or maybe you want to see him turn into a  good guy again?
  • Obi Wan Kenobi:
    Obi Wan with his blue light saber can come in and fight Darth Vader.
  • and many more..

We have the following villains:

  • Darth Vader

darth vader

  • Storm Troopers




Is your kid a fan of Power Rangers? Hire a Power Ranger for your kid's birthday party. He can bring music, the outfit, and the martial art moves to your event. 


Let your child team up with Hulk to help fight against evil superheroes. When you hire a superhero for you kid's birthday party - you can do anything. 


Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Halo Master2

Halo Master

Have you seen the new Avengers Movie? You can order the Hulk, Thor, Loki, Captain America, and even Iron Man to your corporate party. Hiring a superhero can really create energy, humor, and optimism in a room. 


Star Wars

Star wars

Toronto Star Wars

Batman visited someone's birthday party and saved the day. 


Do you have a charity function? Maybe you want to hire a superhero to help raise awareness about your charity. Try hiring Spiderman or Peter Parker for a day. 



Toronto Spideman


Hire Starwars Superhero For Birthday Parties

Hire Darth Vader for your kid`s birthday party. He will bring the light saber and action to you. Equip your kid with a saber, and watch him beat Vader on a one-on-one or with Obi-Wan Kenobe.

Hire a Starwars Soldier and have him sing and dance for your child's celebration party. He will bring blasters, a helmet, and the whole outfit!

Hire a Starwars Soldier and have him sing and dance for your child's celebration party. He will bring blasters, a helmet, and the whole outfit!

Starwars Superhero for Hire

Let your kid join in the action. Your child can also be dressed up as a Stormtrooper and join the action.

Starwars and Celebrity Superheroes

Princess Leia can join the action. If your daughter or son is a big fan of Star Wars - he or she can help her stop the Galactic Empire.

Why are our Toronto Superheroes the best?

Our superheroes are professional and they go to the gym so that they are fit and look like real superheroes. Their costumes are authentic and very realistic, they have lots of experience entertaining children of all ages. Our superheroes can do face painting, balloon twisting, storytelling and games with the kids its a very fun and high energy show for the kids!

How to become a Toronto Superhero

  • Apply by submitting your pictures, videos, or any online portfolio that we can check
  • Meet with the Agency Management
  • Get screened and background checked
  • get trained and do some test performances
  • Perform with a manager and go through a performance review

Our company will handle all costs associated to your costumes and props. We just need your heart, and your skills to create a great career for yourself. A lot of our entertainers and superheroes continue to do this job - not because of the money, but because of the satisfaction they give.

A majority of our clients range from large corporations, families, to local charities. We love helping charities.

What do we look for in a superhero?

  • You need to be fit and athletic. It is vital that you are in your top physical shape
  • Having a background in gymnastics or dance is always a plus
  • No drugs or alcohol; or any addictions
  • No criminal record
  • Experience in Theater, Drama, Fitness, or Gymnastics is Ideal but not necessary
  • Passion to help children and families be entertained
  • Sometimes having the ability to sing or play an instrument can be valuable to the agency.
  • Punctual, professional, humble, and cordial

What are some of the most common superhero birthdays?

Right now: Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Ninja Turtle, Captain America, and Power rangers are the most common superheroes that children like to book.

What are some of the most frequently booked superheroes and impersonators for corporate events?

Batman, Spider man, and Captain America are the most common. Sometimes to promote their company brand, increase employee morale, or to simply entertain their guests - corporate superheroes are hired.

Some example superhero parties that we have hosted for kids and corporate parties:

  • We helped a hospital with sick children. We brought in Batman and Superman to come in and train the kids on some light martial art movements. The superheroes came in with balloons, and knew the name of each kid before hand. They were given a list of names and photos of each kid prior to the superhero party.
  • We helped a local family in Toronto. It was their son's 7th birthday. They knew that their son loved Spiderman. So they decided to schedule and rent a spiderman impersonator to their kid's birthday. Spiderman came in with the theme music playing from his portable stereo. He came in and he wished the kid happy birthday and stayed in full character for an hour. The family took pictures and videos and shared it on social media.
  • Christmas time is a busy time of year because some parents do not know what to get their kids for Christmas. So they hired a superhero and our princess birthday party package. This way both the boys and girls are happy and are engaged.
  • We helped entertain a family and their 3 boys. We hired the two marvel superheroes: hulk, and thor to fight the villanous Loki. Both the kids, and superheroes worked together to capture Loki in their backyard. The parents filmed the entire show. Then the superheroes sang birthday songs and danced with the kids for a few minutes.
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