Every year, corporations and families call us to book a Toronto Santa Claus. We have provided  thousands of Santa clause rentals for clients all over the GTA. Hiring a Santa Claus for your Christmas party is a great way to entertain and engage your guests.

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Why book our Toronto Santa Clauses?

  • Theatrical Experience:
    Each Santa Claus rental has professional singing experience and has full theatrical training. We believe that a great Santa should have an acting background, singing background, and a strong kids theatre background. When you book our Santa Clauses for your corporate event or private function, you can count on 100% satisfaction. Our Santa`s have done work for the Fortune 1000, Charities, and the families next door.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm:
    Dressing up as Santa during the holidays is something that takes passion and a true desire to play the role. We make sure our Santa’s really want the career. To us, being Santa isn’t a job, it’s a lifelong career. We carefully screen our applicants and we look for candidates who are as passionate as we are about bringing joy to the lives of others.

Book our Santa Claus Rental for your Event

We have several Santa Claus impersonators and actors that are available. They all have real beards and naturally look like Santa Claus.


Santa Claus for hire in Toronto



Cecil as Santa Claus

Cecil as Santa Claus

What else do we offer?

We have Elves, and Mrs. Claus available. We are looking to hire reindeer but haven’t found them quite yet. Giant Santa throne, authentic Mrs Claus our elves do face painting and animal balloons and can hand out gifts.

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Do you want Santa to bring gifts?

If you are having a corporate event with children or adults who want gifts, then our Santa Rental services is right for you.  If you want the Santa to call out a person’s name and reward them with a special gift – then we can do that for you. Our Santa will memorize the name and gift before hand; he can even give the special recipient a speech to make the experience even better.

In one corporate party, the CEO had given us a list of gifts that he wanted us to give to each employee. We had our Santa Claus read from the list and call each employee his or her name and give them their gift personally. This was an amazing experience for the staff, as they realized how much their CEO cared about them. The CEO took the time to know each of his staff and learn what kind of gifts they would appreciate by asking others.

By hiring a Santa Claus for your event, you can be almost guaranteed that your employees or guests will be happy.

What do families say about our Santa Rentals?

“We hired Stage Entertainment for our son’s Christmas party. The performance was executed with precision. The songs, the lyrics – every actor played it’s part really well.”

“The company needed a Santa Clause Rental for our 33th anniversary. We searched the web the night before and all the companies that we had called were closed. But when we called Stage Entertainment, their booking agent was still taking calls. We are glad that a firm was still open and was able to discuss with us what we wanted. We were looking for convenience and availability – and that is what we got.”

“We searched for Santa’s near me on google and we found Stage Entertainment. We needed an impersonator who could do the specific tasks that we needed. We needed our Santa to give out gifts to specific people, and read specific thank you messages to them. All of our staff loved it! We made sure that Santa knew their names, and knew what to say.”

Do you do corporate Santa Claus bookings?

Yes we do corporate Santa bookings. If your a company  and you would like to entertain your staff or your guests, you can rent a Santa Claus from us. You can even rent additional equipment such as a throne, and Santa’s helpers.

Our most recent project was with a major global hotel chain. They had hired our Santa Claus to greet guests and give gifts to children that entered their hotel. Their goal was to create a memorable brand experience for their customers – to help maintain their image as a quality a hotel that cares about the customers’ experience.

One of our recent clients was the Westin Harbour Castle.

Santa claus impersonator with kids at a corporate party

Our Santa Claus impersonators are trained actors who enjoy what they do.

How to Successfully Organize a Santa Claus Party For Your Kids

A lot of Thinking and planning is required when organizing an event for children as it is a tedious task. Dealing with kids requires a lot of patience and creativity however at the same time it can be a lot of fun as well. You can input various ideas when organizing an event for children and you can do this by laying an array of activities and themes. If adhered to, there are a few tips that can guarantee your endeavor towards a successful event. It is very important to choose a really good Santa Claus impersonator. You can have all the right ingredients for a great party, but if your Santa is not up to par, then it is no good. Below are some tips to hosting a great event with Santa:

The Santa that you hire should be punctual and be an early bird

Start with your ideas and planning, do not wait to become an early birdie; it’s never too early to plan and organize when it comes to children’s event. You will need to prepare prior to booking our Santa clause


Below are some things that you want to think about:

  1. Target Audience
    1. Who will be present in this event?
    2. What would they like the santa to say?
  2. Presentation and Speech
    1. What would you like Santa to say to the guests
    2. Are the guests children, adults, etc.?
    3. Do you want Santa to come in singing a song or saying “ho Ho Ho?
  3. Other resources required
    1. Do we require photography? (note we do have photographers and they are available at an additional cost)
    2. Do we need to bring a backdrop? (note we do have backdrops and they are available at an additional cost)
    3. Do you want us to bring balloons and other items?
  4. Do you require other actors?
    1. Do you need Ms. Clause?
    2. Do  you need reindeer’s and elves?
santa clause rental

We have real bearded Santa’s for hire.

Santa should be hitting the right age group

The event can turn into a mess if the right kinds of entertainment activities are not set according to the age group. You need to plan accordingly and plan in advance to know what kind of age group you would be entertaining.

  • For age group 1 to 4: Activities like singing rhymes, Christmas songs, clowns or a puppet show should be included for children in the age of 1 to 4. Makeup for kids should be kept to a minimal as a lot of makeup might frighten some of the kids. You can organize for a fancy dress or you can organize dress up games for e.g. girls can dress up as princesses and boys can dress up as superheroes. This particular activity works well.
  • For age group 5 to 8: This age group can be lured with theme based parties including magic shows, amusement park rides, dance or a painting competition, clay sculptures all these work great with both boys and girls. You can also play a lot of Christmas games or do story telling with Santa Claus.
  • For age group 9 to 12: Kids of this age are much older and they usually want or demand organized entertainment, for them activities like music shows, professional magic shows, treasure hunt are a big hit. One thing that never fails for this age group is art and craft. One popular game is when the kids sit on Santa Clauses lap and he talks to them, and asks what they want for Christmas. He then tells the Parents, and the next day the parents can get it for their kids. Or the parent beforehand, can ask the children what they want, and Santa Claus can give it at the Party.
  • Keep it Short and Simple: Children usually have a short and limited attention span, they can be easily distracted toward other things, so it best to keep the games and activities a bit short and simple.
  • Keep a big team: It’s not an easy task to handle a group of kids as most of the kids are naughty. Always allocate a big team to handle different age groups as they have fun.
  • Lunch: Children are quite fussy about eating so providing heavy meals is not a good option; you can keep this limited to snacks for kids to enjoy. If you spend more time and money on elaborate meals you will find that they will waste a lot of food.
  • Safety: Always have a safety kit handy as you never know about kids. All activities should be supervised and make sure that there are no harmful object in their vicinity.
  • Return Gifts: Children are always keen on parting gifts. Goody bags and candies are best options as gifts and they conclude for a happy note on your children’s event.

If you are looking for a Toronto Santa Claus rental then you’ve reached the right company. We have Santa Clauses in almost every city in Ontario. They are trained and ready to perform for your Christmas Party!

All of our Santa’s do not drink, or smoke and have police clearance reports. They have all done many corporate jobs. some of our clients are: TD Bank, Home Depot, Canada Goose, and many more!

Read about why you should hire our Santa.

Our Toronto Santa Clauses are very busy too. Toronto has the best Santa Claus for hire. Stage Entertainment is happy to have the highest selection of professional Santa’s in Toronto and the surrounding area. You are able to rent a Santa from us in the following cities : Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Grimsby, Niagara Falls, Kitchener, Guelph, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, King City, Barrie, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Newmarket and Etobicoke.

As soon as you start looking to book Santa Claus for your Toronto event, please take into consideration the following tips:

1) The date of your event? If it is on a Saturday or a Sunday in December, you will need to reserve your Santa Claus impersonator early. The best Santa Claus performers are taken a couple months in advance, so it’s good to book early.

2) What type of Santa do you want? Do you just want Santa for pictures and to hand out presents? Or would you like a Toronto Santa Claus actor that is capable and trained to deal with large crowds and interact with people of all backgrounds and ages? We also have many Santa Clauses that can audition for commercial and television spots.

3) What would be the cost? Our professional Santa Clauses charge different amounts depending on if you want a real or fake beard. They can come to your community event or party, and would usually cost anywhere between $150-$250 per hour in Toronto. The amount depends on location, real or fake beard, date of the event, experience of your Santa, and if it’s a house party or a corporate event.

As soon as you are able to answer all of these questions you are ready to Hire Santa Clause for your Toronto Christmas party.

The main information we will ask you will be : date, time, address and two contact numbers. We usually require a deposit because our Santa’s want to be guaranteed that they will be working in December as much as possible. Since Christmas is only once a year after all.

Santa for hire? Try booking our professional Santa Claus  for your Christmas Party?


  1. Call us at 416 635 6925 or email us at Say the word “Santa for hire”
  2. Tell us what day and time and city you will need Santa and his Elves
  3. Tell us how many hours you need him for
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