Oct 05

Time to hire a santa

It’s October already and december is fast approaching. We’ve been getting calls from businesses and families all over the GTA. They all want to rent a santa for Christmas. Make sure you call us as soon as possible to make sure that we have enough props and santa impersonators for your party!

Some cool ideas that a santa rental can do for you:

  • Thank Each Employee or Family Member
    Some businesses want to thank specific employees for their individual contributions. If you tell us before hand, our Santa can learn the script, or you can simply provide them with a document to read from. This makes employees feel that their job has importance and meaning to the company. If your booking santa for a family, then you can have Santa point out specific things that they did good in the year. For instance, your 5 year old daughter might have gotten an A in class, and Santa can point out and give her praise.
  • Give Special Gifts
    If you need specific people to receive specific gifts – then our santa is the perfect rental. A lot of guests do not want the same gift, they want a customised gift. They want to feel that the giver thought about them, and about what they want.
  • Read out a special script
    If your company has been doing really well and you want to thank everyone and remind them about your company’s vision and purpose, then hiring a corporate santa can help you significantly.

What one of our customers said about our services last year:

“We needed a professional santa claus to entertain guests as they walked into our store. We asked that Santa claus would greet each guest with a “ho, ho, ho, and merry Christmas!” We saw our guests smile and laugh, and take photo’s with Santa. Watching our customers and staff smile reminded us that we should always be happy and appreciate the small things in life.”



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