Tina Turner Singing Telegram

Stage Entertainment’s ver own Tina Turner is full on energy, sweat and powerful voice will have

you standing and dancing in the aisles. Close your eyes and you'll swear its Tina Turn!. Open

your eyes, the unmistakable legs, muscular body and you’ll know it can only be;Tina” with thetina-turner-singing-telegram

big hair, all the energy of the 70s and 80s, wild and provocative costumes and of course Tina

Turners hit songs like Proud Mary and Private Dancer. The stage will come alive with electricity.

Tina Turners torrid vocal interpretation and electrifying stage presence has always been an

inspiration to our Tina Turner Impersonator who has managed to take the wonders of Tina

Turner and replicate them with amazing energy and passion!

Our Tina Turner is dedicated to portraying her favorite legend with absolute accuracy. She’s

especially influenced by Tina Turners infallible ability to drench a lyric in passion and then whip

it into a hurricane of choreography and vocal deliverance that one would think would be

impossible to duplicate. Her rendition of the Queen of Rock and Roll is unrivaled. Her legs are

the best in the industry and the closest to Tina Turner that you can get. As a fitness instructor

and athlete our Tina works hard to to keep those nut cracking thighs and muscular body that

she hopes would make Tina Turner proud.

Stage Entertainment’s Tina has an intense passion for music and strives to take her tribute of

her favorite artist to venues all over the world . . . across every River Deep and over every

Mountain High!


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