Donna Summer Singing Telegram

Blessed by God with the gift of voice who filled her heart with beautiful songs, this Donna

Summer Impersonator learned at an early age that she could use her voice to lift a soul and

bring joy to all who hear her sing. With an early focus on R&B ballads, an appreciation for the

art and craft of performers of all eras, and a desire to find her right niche, her early explorations

had her performing in theater, music videos, motion pictures, TV, and becoming a sought after

entertainer for a variety of social and corporate events. And while all the opportunities fulfilled

her desire to delight audiences with song and passionate performance, it was the musical pulse

of the 70’s and the era’s great headliner Donna Summer that stuck in her memory!

You don't want to miss out on booking our ver own Donna Summer impersonator on a limited

time basis.


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