Doctor Singing Telegram



Doctor Whoopee will have the prescription to keep your special someone feeling fine! But first, they’ll need an

examination. Good thing our medical professionals come equipped with jokes, songs, and a rather large

thermometer. Why not let this medical professional administer a series of tests and examinations to determine

whether or not your loved one is over the hill? The Doctor singing telegram are also a good choice for teasing

someone who is accident prone.

A doctor singing telegram includes three songs, a Happy Birthday Sing-a- long, (if its a birthday you are

celebrating,) and incorporates interactive comedy into a funny 15 minute singing telegram

show. The Doctor singing telegrams incorporate a multitude of funny props and jokes into a

mock physical that will have the audience roaring with laughter.

Tell us funny stories, embarrassing moments, nicknames, hobbies, interests and personality

quirks. What accidents or ailments have plagued them in the past? Our creative comic

entertainers will find clever ways to work the information into the show. Your will be extremely

pleased with this singing telegram and everyone will tell you how clever you are for thinking of


The Stage Entertainment Doctor is great for birthdays, retirement parties, get well wishes and

other occasions. Suitable for restaurants and bars, this Stage Entertainment singing telegram is

both surprising and enjoyable.

Customer Comments:

Doctor Gram

Everybody loved it. He did a real good job, Barb in Toronto

Doctor Gram

It was great. He was very funny. Thank you; Dan in Mississauga

Doctor Gram

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