Toronto Singing Telegrams

If you were to hire a singing telegram for your party, your guests would have a blast. Thousands of our customers who have hired our singers, have given us raving reviews.  As an entertainment agency, we pride ourselves in honing our employees' skills.  

Why choose our singing telegrams?

With our agency, you can pick from a diverse selection of costumed characters or celebrity look-a-likes to deliver your balloons, flowers, and chocolate. The Toronto singing telegrams that we offer are a unique way to deliver that special birthday greeting, holiday or anniversary greeting to that special someone you love.

Our team of individuals deliver services to offices, schools, parties, hotels and many other places. Join us for a superb and ever-lasting experience, not only for you, but to also surprise your loved ones with their favorite character or celebrity artist to make it the best day for memories that will last forever.

Our singing telegram services can include:

  • A customized song written and song for the person being celebrated
  • Free balloons, ribbons, and more...
  • A free gift
  • 2 – 3 other special songs
  • Music Equipment
  • Photography (Optional)
  • Video (Optional)
Elvis Presley Singing Telegram

Elvis Presley

Hiring an Elvis Impersonator can really engage and entertain your audience. The Elvis Singer/Impersonator can sing songs like: "Heart Break Hotel, Love Me Tender, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, and much more..."

Book Elvis Presley Singing Telegram

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is coming back! Our Marilyn Monroe lookalikes and impersonators can enchant the audience with her beautiful smile, dance, and songs. Our Marilyn Monroe singer can sing: "Happy Birthday Mr. President, I just want to be loved by you, and more..."

Police Officer

Do you need someone arrested and handcuffed gently? Our cop lookalikes and impersonators can sing, dance, and do the police work for your parties.

The King Of Hearts

King Of Hearts is typically hired for someone that you are romantically involved with. We would send King of Hearts to come to your event and sing your significant other their most favorite love songs.



Have you ever heard of the famous quote: "Knight in Shining Arm." You would hire the knight to do a singing telegram for a single female. Lets pretend there is a single female in your office, you would hire this Knight to sing to her. And tell her "your knight in shining armor is coming today for you." The funny thing is, is that she won't believe you - but at Stage Entertainment, we would provide that for you.




Stage Entertainment’s Cher impersonator is professional, studied, and practiced. She will

totally amaze you with her performance as she looks, sounds and acts like CHER!

About Cher Impersonator:

Cher’s had more faces than a high school yearbook. At Stage Entertainment our Cher

Impersonator performs in all of her eras from the 60's through present day. Starting with her

early beatnick look, moving on to the flowing robes and hair of her 1970s persona. She will

then,“Turn Back Time” to the 1980s with her tight curls and even tighter costume! How about

the blonde bombshell of “Believe”? Cher can't be seen in the same dress all night! This exciting

concert tribute show features extravagant costume and wig changes as Cher transforms her

look and sound throughout the decades!

Stage Entertainment offers Celebrity Impersonator Singing Telegrams and Celebrity

Impersonator Tribute Shows for your Holiday Parties, Corporate Events and Birthday Parties in

Toronto and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

Singing Chicken

The singing chicken is used to promote products, and brands in a humorous way. He rings a small stereo and he does famous dance to the famous chicken song. He is great for helping people to dance in parties and have a great laugh. He is also good at cheering people up when they are feeling down. Kids and seniors love him!


Hiring the singing sailor telegram can make you feel like your part of the navy. They can sing blues, jazz, and even pop for your special guests. Most of our customers hire them to sing and do a quick dance. They are great for birthdays

Stage Entertainment’s very own Katy Perry Impersonator is Canada’s only true performer!

Therefore, you cannot go wrong with this Perry Impersonator! She naturally has the ‘exact’

look of Katy Perry from facials, body type, and charisma to her exact costumes. Many people

would say she is Katy Perry’s body double or identical twin.

This Katy Perry Impersonator sings live with either a band or track, and stays in character while

greeting and mingling with your guests. Hired for many elaborate events in around North

America and for International Travel.

Her Shows are customized for your Event, large or small, Parties, Walk around, Nightclubs,

Appearances, Red carpet events and whatever else your heart desires from local to

International travel.

Santa Claus 

Stage Entertainment’s ~ Santa

Ho ho ho!

Christmas can come early with this Stage Entertainment’s Santa singing telegram. Santa likes to

take a break from making toys all year, so he likes to get on his sleigh and deliver a few singing

telegrams. It's nice to get out of the North Pole every once in a while, too.

Santa will ask the recipient if they've been naughty or nice, and lead them through some

Christmas caroling to prepare them for the Christmas season. Santa can also deliver presents,

if you choose. He has plenty of experience, after all.

Santa is available for longer appearances, corporate events, store openings, and mall


doctor singing telegram


Stage Entertainment’s singing Doctor Whoopee! Time for your physical.
Know someone who needs a get well cheer or is feeling a little over the hill?

Book our Doctor Singing Telegram


Hire our professional entertainers.

With our agency, you can hire a group of entertainers. By hiring a group of entertainers, you can have double the fun. This is ideal when you are entertaining a large of people from various age groups. You can hire a group of entertainers that would do well with the older group, and one that would do phenomenally with the younger group. For instance, you can hire Austin Powers for the older group, and Taylor swift for the younger group.

Singing Gorilla

A singing telegram will come will show up with real bananas! One for the guest of honour, and a couple for the audience. He will sing and dance and make sure everyone has a laugh!

Singing Gorilla:

It could either be your best friend’s fantasy come true or their worst nightmare. One of our

most popular and versatile acts, the Gorilla-Gram can be suited to nearly any occasion. Yes,

folks, we’ve got pink gorillas, black gorillas, boy gorillas, girl gorillas, gorillas with hats, gorillas in

skirts, gorillas who sing, gorillas who strip. What do they have in common? Well, in between

their grunts, you’ll find they all have singing voices as smooth and silky as their coats. And,

despite their primitive intelligence, they will know a surprising amount of personal information

about your friend…

Let Stage Entertainment provide the party with an exclusive singing gorilla of your liking!


Fat Fairy

The Fat Fairy Impersonator is for humour. You would hire them to ask someone what their three most desired wishes are - and we would ask them make it realistic. This way we can actually get one of those real wishes fulfilled for them.

Taylor Swift

Order a Taylor Swift Lookalike or Impersonator to sing songs like "Romeo and Juliet, Bad Blood, Blank Space, and Shake It Off."

Book Taylor Swift Singing Telegram

Shania Twain 

Stage Entertainment’s very own Shania Twain Lookalike Impersonator!

The next best thing to Shania Twain live in concert is a Shania Twain Lookalike Impersonator

Tribute Artist featuring this GREAT talent performing as Shania Twain. She does an excellent

impersonation of Shania vocally as well as visually; not only by capturing the vocal style of the

country mega-star, but also by the meticulous duplicating of her stage costumes. Even SHANIA

TWAIN was so impressed that she invited Tatiana to come UP on stage during one of her Las

Vegas performances during her STILL THE ONE TOUR so everyone could see her outfit!

Fun Facts: Shania Twain

In addition to her various awards for her singles and albums, Twain has received a number of

personal honours:

She was named the 1999 Entertainer of the Year by both the Academy of Country Music and

the Country Music Association; Twain was the first non-US citizen to win the CMA award.

Twain was ranked No.7 in Country Music Television’s 40 Greatest Women of Country Music in


In 2003, Twain was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Toronto Star Wars

Star Wars Telegram

Pot Man

Pot Man is often hired to create humour in a room. Bring him in and play some nice chill music to create a more playful environment with your guests.


With Stage Entertainment, raise some controversy by inviting our Madonna impersonator to

your next party. She will sing “Papa Don't Preach”, “Like a Prayer,” and other hits from her

storied career. Equipped in Madonna's signature style of lace and luxury, our Madonna is ready

to be a ray of light to make someone's day!

Madonna is also available for longer shows, corporate events, or to be a celebrity DJ.

Toronto Star Wars

Star Wars Telegram

Billy Joel

Bring the distinctive sound of the Piano Man himself to your event with one of our exceptionally talented Billy Joel tribute artists, who will provide you with outstanding musical entertainment. A world-renowned pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer, Billy Joel is one of the best selling artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide. Inducted into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Billy Joel found widespread popularity in the 1970s and 80s thanks to his sweeping melodies and catchy hooks. Amongst his most famous hits are ‘Piano Man’, ‘Uptown Girl’, ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’, and ‘She’s Always A Woman’, and our brilliant tribute will bring all these classics and more to your event. A truly professional performer, our Billy Joel tribute artist delivers an absolutely stunning performance featuring a fantastic repertoire of tracks, incredible vocals, quality musicianship, and an abundance of energy and passion which will make any event stand out above the rest. Perfect for ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate functions, private parties, festivals, weddings, concerts, and more, our Billy Joel tribute will provide the ideal musical entertainment!


Hiring Singing Telegrams for your kids birthday

Whether it's your kids birthday, or it's a special day - hiring a singing telegram could be just what your kid needs. Children always love special guests, and enjoy the experience of having someone sing their favorite songs to them

Find out what your kid likes

The first thing you want to find out before you book a singing telegram is to find out what type of music your
child likes. You want to find out:

  • 1. Artist or Band
  • 2. Type of Song
  • 3. Type of Dance
  • 4. Theme

For instance, your child might want to see Taylor Swift, or Selena Gomez - or maybe even Eminem at their birthday party. You can normally find out what they like by seeing what they watch on Youtube, or what they listen to on the radio.

Ask them but don't reveal

Another way is by simply asking them, who would you like to sing at your party - many months ahead. This way even if they realize that you are trying to book them a special gift, they might forget.
Try asking them discreetly or have their teacher or friends ask them.

Talk to a Kids Entertainment Agency

Once you`ve figured out what the kid wants, you want to find a reputable and trustworthy agency. Try searching on for local kids entertainment agencies, or singing telegram companies. Speak to them and ensure that you select one that is professional.

    You want to ask questions like:
  • 1. How long have you been in business?
  • 2. How many entertainers do they have?
  • 3. When do we pay?

Ask what type of singing telegrams do they have available

The more variety they have the better. You want to have an agency that is experienced with lots of entertainers and costumes. The more variety they have, the more popular they are, and the more they are able to retain staff. How an entertainment agency treats their staff will tell you a lot about how they would treat their customers.

Select, Book, and Pay

Once you've selected an entertainer, you want to make sure you book them in advance. Try your best not to book someone within 24 hours - you want to give the agency time to prepare and coordinate. Remember, some agencies have dozens of bookings per day, and they have dozens of staff members that they need to schedule. Scheduling and making sure that the singing telegram is available can be difficult.

Prepare and re-book

Once the entertainer arrives, you want to make sure you show them where they will be performing. This helps the entertainer visualize their performance and ensure that they can perform with composure. If you like the entertainer, please be sure to tip them. And if you like the entertainer, see if you can re-book for your kid`s next party.

Why book and hire our singing telegrams?

  • EXPERIENCE: All of our singers and singing telegrams that we select are professionally trained and have performed many times. We check their resume and references to make sure that they are professional, and have a good track record with clients. We also do Police Clearance reports on all of our singers.
  • CHARISMATIC and PASSIONATE: Since our singers represent us, we need make sure that they are passionate and charismatic with their performances. We do not give jobs; we give careers to singers.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. How do I book a singing telegram? Either give us a call or an email. We will need date, time, address, recipients name, and your cell phone number. We will then call and confirm the type of service.
  2. How much does a singing telegram cost? $170 in the GTA.
  3. How do I apply as a singer? Send in your photo, resume, and three personal references. We will then call you in a for a live audition.
  4. Can you cover big events and longer shows? Yes, we specialize in corporate events and most of our clients use our service on a regular basis. We provide entertainment for CEO business parties, summer parties, Christmas parties, Retirement parties, conferences and special trade show promotions. Some of our repeat customers include Rogers Canada, BMW, Lincoln cars, Fedex Transportation, Royal Bank of Canada, Western Harbor Castle, Petro Canada, Capital Records and the Royal Ontario Museum. Our performances last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours.
  5. How much do I tip the singing telegram? It depends on how happy you are with their performance. It can range from $5.00 to $25.00 

Do we do corporate singing telegrams?

Yes we do! Our corporate singing telegrams are always very organized and we have many entertainers that can make your corporate party a very special and memorable occasion! Recently we organized 15 singing telegrams in one day from 1-4 pm for a large very well known exercise clothing store (Lululemon) for Customer Appreciation Day. Our entertainers were dressed as gorillas and bananas and sang "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond! It was hilarious! Our entertainers went to 15 stores from Niagara Falls to Barrie and brought real bananas, Hawaiian lei's, and balloons for the staff! We did a follow up call the next day, and the clients loved the entertainment so much that they are going to book us for their Christmas party!

Singing Telegram Discounts

Looking for special discounts or rates? We currently have two specials this month for the following cities:
  • Hamilton
  • Niagara Falls
  • Barrie
  • Collingwood
  • Whitby
  • Oshawa
  • Markham
  • Newmarket
  • Ajax
  • Pickering
  • Kitchener
  • Guelph
  • Waterloo
  • Milton
  • Georgetown
  • Orangeville
  • Etobicoke
  • Woodbridge
  • Vaughan
  • Bradford
  • Richmond Hill
  • Markham

The Easter Bunny

The easter bunny is who and what we send out during easter time. You can hire them and have them play egg hunts with kids during easter.

Singing Telegram Guide

Hiring a singing telegram may seem like a mediocre idea, or something you don’t hear of often, but a singing telegram can be the best ​ personalized gift​ you can send to your loved ones. Choosing the right telegram for the right moment can be a little challenging, especially coming up with a good concept. However, there are a lot of entertainment companies that are up for the challenge and are experienced enough to guide you through such a task. Stage Entertainment has set up this little guide to help you choose the right telegram to go with.   

Considering the recipient:

  • Do they like the unconventional, quirky style of a singing telegram?
  • If you’re sending the singing telegram to their worksplace, would they appreciate the embarrassment
  •  Some recipients will appreciate the time and effort you put into coming up with custom lyrics or song
  • Since you’ll be giving the company a lot of information about the recipient, the recipient will also appreciate that you know them so well!
  • Do they handle surprises well?

Here are some Occasions:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday Party
  • Workplace (Congratulate on new job)
  • Graduation party 
  • Baby Shower
  • Bachelorette or stagette party  
  • Workplace to appreciate employees effort 
  • Valentine’s Day  

Here are some Impersonator Ideas:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Gorilla
  • Chicken
  • Naughty Nurse
  • Prince in Shining Armour
  • Baby  
  • Any other celebrity or artist your recipient loves  

Here are some Song Ideas:

  • “You were always on my mind”, “Heartbreak Hotel” sung by Elvis Presley 
  • “Happy Birthday Mr. President” sung by Marilyn Monroe
  • “What a wonderful world” sung by Gorilla
  • Or write a ​ custom song  

Gift Ideas to Send With Telegram:

  • Roses
  • Balloons
  • Have the nurse give the mother-to-be or father-to-be a mock inspection
  • Send your personalized gift with telegram  
  • Propose to your significant other
  • Announce your pregnancy to your significant other  

Toronto Stage Entertainment will ask you the following about the recipient to help you narrow down a concept for your singing telegram:

  • Hobbies
  • Work
  • Background information
  • Favorite movies, songs, sports team 

This all contributes to getting to know their clients better and help deliver a personalized performance that your recipient will appreciate and remember for a lifetime.   

Other important things to consider:

  • Weather conditions of date you want to send your telegram. Sometimes weather conditions may affect the telegrams arrival on time.
  • Try to meet with the impersonator first to check if their appearance is what you’re looking for. The next time you’re in the hunt for the perfect gift for your loved ones, save the time, money  and energy of walking around a mall for hours and give Toronto singing telegrams a try. Nothing  speaks more caring and personal than a custom song sung by the recipients favorite celebrity or  food item. 

Donna Summer Singing Telegram

Blessed by God with the gift of voice who filled her heart with beautiful songs, this Donna Summer Impersonator learned at an early age that she could use her voice to lift a soul and bring joy to all who hear her sing. With an early focus on R&B ballads, an appreciation for the art …

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Madonna Singing Telegram

  With Stage Entertainment, raise some controversy by inviting our Madonna impersonator to your next party. She will sing “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Like a Prayer,” and other hits from her storied career. Equipped in Madonna’s signature style of lace and luxury, our Madonna is ready to be a ray of light to make someone`’s day! …

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Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram

Marilyn Monroe can sing for you Even if the gentleman doesn’t prefer blondes, he’s sure to feel a “heat wave” when the icon of female beauty makes her “seat wave” at your next party. You don’t even have to marry a millionaire to be able to afford Stage Entertainment’s lovely Marilyn, dripping in diamonds. She’ll …

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Rihanna Singing Telegram

Rihanna Singing Telegram Just like the real Rih-Rih, our Rihanna impersonator singing act is a sassy, sexy, talented singer and dancer who loves the limelight and lives to perform! This girl looks like Rihanna, with the same costumes and distinctive hair, and she sounds just like her too! Our Rihanna impersonator for hire has perfected …

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Taylor Swift Singing Telegram

Stage Entertainment’s has the best Taylor Swift singing telegram hands down! Not only looks like Taylor Swift but has the same mannerisms, energy on stage and attitude and is even the same age. After all the vocal training and experience she has, she has the range and sound of Taylor Swift and also the American …

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Tina Turner Singing Telegram

Stage Entertainment’s ver own Tina Turner is full on energy, sweat and powerful voice will have you standing and dancing in the aisles. Close your eyes and you'll swear its Tina Turn!. Open your eyes, the unmistakable legs, muscular body and you’ll know it can only be;Tina” with the big hair, all the energy of …

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donna summers

Whitney Houston

  Stage Entertainment’s Whitney Houston singing telegram recreates the magic Whitney the moment our very own impersonator steps on the stage. In full makeup, wig, costume, her ensemble is unique; the transformation is complete. The illusion is awesome. As a professional model our Whitney Houston impersonator thought it would be interesting to add a twist …

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Doctor Singing Telegram

Doctor Whoopee will have the prescription to keep your special someone feeling fine! But first, they’ll need an examination. Good thing our medical professionals come equipped with jokes, songs, and a rather large thermometer. Why not let this medical professional administer a series of tests and examinations to determine whether or not your loved one …

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Toronto Elvis

Elvis Presley Singing Telegram

Hire Elvis Presley to wow your audience: At Stage Entertainment our Elvis bears a strong natural resemblance to Mr. Presley! Our very own Elvis has meticulously studied the video and audio recordings of the king to create a most passionate and accurate portrayal. He has a good sense of the overall persona of the king, …

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