Kate Perry Singing Telegram

Stage Entertainment’s has the best Katy Perry singing telegram hands down! Not only looks

like Katy Perry but has the same mannerisms, energy on stage. After all the vocal training and

experience she has, she has the range and sound of Katy Perry and also the American accent.

The show is 100% live!

The costumes were designed on Katy Perry outfits and really add to the show. The costumes and

look are exactly right an you would really believe that you were really watching the real Katy

Perry. Our Katy Katy Perry singer takes you on a journey through Katy Perry earliest hits to

the current pop sounding Katy Perry.  This fun energetic show gets the audience involved and

has everyone singing along. Katy Perry is the biggest selling current female artist and is

growing and growing with hit after hit. Don’t miss this spectacular show! This lively, fun

loving show will be one you will never forget.

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