Oct 16

How to organize your own Concert

It’s not that hard to organize your own event, all that is needed is a good planning. Whatever you might want to call it an event, a concert, a gig or a show it is always a great experience, getting yourself to be known and possibly even raise some money. It is always important that you have sufficient material for the songs and the plays if you want your audience to remain engaged during the entire event. You might want to include a few more acts in your concert so make sure you have all the reliable material. Below are a few suggestions to organize your own event.

Look for a suitable venue

The first thing is look for a suitable venue. This can be a wine bar, a pub, a banquet hall or any convenient space for hire. If you are not that famous then convenience is of utmost importance as there might be people traveling from long distance. Also consider the size of the venue, a hall which is half full with hundred people is much better than a hall which can hold thousand people and only around two hundred attend the concert.

Always be prepared to pay a reasonable amount of money for the appropriate space. On the other hand there can be a few benefits for the owner for e.g. more people will be attracted if you organize the concert in a bar as the rental will be waived off.

Set up a date

Make sure that you always allow yourself a good amount of time so that you can generate more interest and have enough time to sell the tickets. So setting up a date is another important part for the occasion. If it’s your first time then four to six weeks should be enough time to set the date.

Arrange for Tickets

Get to arrange for some form of tickets. You can simply do that on a home computer which is attached with a color printer and a special kind of paper. To make the ticket look professional you can design it with a tear off slip at the end. Also if you want people to commit for the concert and to get good incentive always give a reduced price for advance purchases. Other things can be to have a raffle in the show it can be enjoyable for the person who wins it or you can consider on giving out free tickets where a person can bring along a paying friend.


More the advertising more it gets better. Start with the contacts in your social media even better is to start with all possible contacts who can get involved and who live nearby to attend the concert. Use personalized emails as the will not be easily ignored. This might take a little more time however this will not go worthless. If you own a website then go ahead and advertize on it. Clearly map the venue and how to get their. If the venue where you are organizing the concert has a website too, then arrange to advertize on that too. Make few attractive posters, not very vibrant but with colors and design which is simple and easy to read.

Selecting an event planner is key to hosting a corporate event. By contacting us, a Toronto Corporate Event Agency, we can offer you great rates and services.

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