Oct 06

How to host an amazing Christmas Party for Adults

Hosting a Christmas Party for kids is very different when hosting a party for Adults. If you are looking for cost effective and yet impressive way of entertaining your friends and colleagues. When we talk about it being inexpensive that means, you are saving money on food as that’s being served in small bites. Even if you are serving expensive food like caviar still you are saving on your wallet. A typical Christmas Party lasts for not more than 4-6 hours. While you have conversations with each other the guests enjoy the pleasure of both the cocktail and a wide array of bite size food.

Easy ways to plan and host the christmas party

Things to consider:  

It’s entirely on you on how easy and complex you make the christmas party, being said that you need to consider on a few factors while taking a decision on the party. A few are mentioned below:

  • The budget
  • The number of people you are inviting
  • Is the christmas party casual or formal?
  • The kind of food you will serve
  • How much time you are wishing to invest
  • The theme of the party
  • A full bar menu or limited
  • The Venue – your home, a restaurant or other locations

The Menu or the food you wish to serve

It is not really necessary to serve a full course meal in christmas parties. You should always consider on serving finger foods, hors d’oeuvres bite size foods. Throughout the duration of the christmas party, the guest should have access to finger foods and drinks as they have the feel for it all along. If you are not very sure about the food then you can consider salmon tarts, cheeses, shortbread and crackers. This could prove to be agreeable to everyone’s taste. Other good addition to the Menu can be cut fruits or fruit salads.

If you have decided to rent a conference hall or a banquet hall then you do not have to worry much on the food as most the caterers provide you with the service and usually this is taken care by the establishment.

Choosing the drinks

Just because you have decided for a Christmas party it does not mean you have to just go for alcoholic beverages. There are many guests who prefer not to consume alcoholic drinks due to their religious convictions and others can be allergic towards alcohol. Realizing the fact you can include mock tails and other types of non alcoholic beverages. While deciding on a cocktail party you usually have two options on drinks, a full bar or drink menu. If you are on a tight budget then go for drink menu as having a well stocked bar is not a requirement. The thing you can do is to post the list of drinks in drink menu. Your guests may accordingly enjoy variety of drinks by mixing them and they can have fun during the whole duration of the cocktail party.

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