Oct 09

Hiring Belly Dancers for Your Corporate Event

The most popular tend seen in today’s any larger than life event or a party is the inclusion of belly dancers. They seem to boost the party mood and zeal to dance. People are found to enjoy belly dancing groups who perform aesthetically.  They are much better to see dance than the wild Cabaret dancers, though nothing against any form of art! Belly dance is enjoyed by one and all and can be arranged for all age groups while other forms of dances are restricted to limited audiences. Therefore, we see a growing trend of hiring belly dances at various events, shows and parities. Toronto area employs a large number of belly dancers working within groups or separately. They have different rates and quotations to agree to perform at various different functions. If you are seeking to hire belly dancers for an upcoming show this article would certainly help in understanding few basics about hiring these beautiful performers.

Budget and Costing

Every party or occasion has some set budget within which it has to be completed. You should do the right costing for planning out the entertainment budget apart from food, accommodation, decoration etc. There is a set rate of about $200 to $500 per performer. According to your budget, you should decide whether a single performer would be enough for lighting up your event or you will need some more to maintain the classiness of the occasion. Whatever you may decide, make sure your decision doesn’t make your pockets suffer.

Quality of Performers

As a rule there is always a higher price for quality service while the same can be negotiated for a lesser quality. A group of low quality performers hired on low price may save you money but you may also end up with embarrassment in case the performers aren’t able to perform up to the expectations of your guests or if they aren’t as per the standard of your guests coming to the party. You have to make sure that you crack the best deal without letting your guests feel offended.

Keep in Mind the Space and Number

You cannot afford to hire a bigger group if you are holding a party at smaller accommodation with lesser number of guests or vice versa. For instance 5-10 belly dancers performing at a regular hall for just 50-60 guests isn’t a good idea. In such arrangement, two belly dancers would be enough to set the right tone for the entertainment. Same goes for the opposite!

Guest Participation

Any belly dance show is divided into two halves. First of which includes pure dance performance where performers dance on stage while the other half involves guest participation which encourages guests to dance with the belly dancers. If you are limited with the budget, you should not hire more than two belly dancers to protect guests from dancing or let only chief guest and guest of honor participate in the other half. If money is not a problem and your function is big enough to include bigger personalities like VP, Directors, CEOs etc you should hire a bigger group of dancers so the other half of entertainment can be wrapped up in a much satisfying manner.


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