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Three things to think about when hiring a santa for your son’s birthday party

Hiring a santa for your family or corporate party can be a lot of fun. They bring in a lot of props, and joy to the family and employees – boosting morale and spirit. However, if you do a bad job in choosing a santa claus you can end up having some sad faces in the room.
Below are three things to think about when choosing Mr. Claus:

1. Does he have an online profile or picture?

Before you hire a santa, you want to make sure that he actually looks the part. Traditionally, most people want to hire a santa that matches the ethnic group of the people in the room – whereas others do not care. This is important, especially if you have a room full of people that is expecting a particular look.

2. Is he part of an agency?

You want to choose a santa who works for an entertainment agency. The more reputable the agency the better. You want a santa who has done work for other corporations. They generally have more experience; they know how to behave; and they’ve been background checked by both the agency and their corporate clients.

3. Does he have any testimonials or portfolio that he can send you?

Most entertainment agencies with santa impersonator’s have youtube videos or images of their work. You want to see if you can get emailed a link to their work. This will show you what you can expect. You do not want any hidden surprises when having a party that represents a lot for many people.
All in all, hiring a santa claus for your corporate or family party can be very enjoyable. The key is to ensure you ask the right questions to detect any potential problems before hand.
If you are looking for a santa impersonator feel free to call us. We are happy to show you who we have available. If we do not have any impersonators available, we can give you the best tips in choosing a santa claus and what price points you can expect.

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