Oct 07

5 Event planning steps to get you started

There are many things which are involved in event planning, what are they? When developing an event there are a few basic steps that you should follow. While not all the steps will be helpful because first you need to recognize what kind of an event you are organizing, what is purpose, what message you want to convey and what is the motive behind it. Hope the 5 steps below will provide you some help to get started for your event planning. In the first place these are just to get you started.

The 5 basic steps to get started with planning an event in Toronto


  1. Develop goals and Objectives for the event

The first thing is to ascertain the goals and the objective for the event for e.g. what is the motive of the event that you are organizing and what you hope to achieve out of it?

  1. Organizing a Team  

What ever may be the event about for every detail a concerted team effort is required. Always consider on one event manager which should be the key for the event and an event chair as well who can be the chairpersons for subcommittees which are below:

  • Volunteer Management
  • Venue Management
  • Sponsors
  • Entertainment
  • Speakers
  • Publicity


  1. Set up a Date

The reoccurring event the date might be already preset in case it is a new event and depending on the nature of the event consider a few things before you confirm the event.

  • On the nature of the event give yourself ample of time, ideally you should start planning 4 to 6 months in advance.
  • Make note of religious and statutory holidays
  • Avoid the event of school holidays (winter, summer, and spring holidays)
  • Check the availability dates with the key participants e.g. speakers, VIP Guests, presenters etc


  1. Branding the Event

To make your event a stand out you should choose a timely and a compelling theme that can make your event more unique with other competitors, Create a dynamic overall theme while taking great care of the original name. Especially on the online media this can be a key attraction.

Create a Tag line: Once you have decided on the theme and the actual name, now try to craft a tagline. This can be a short memorable brand slogan describing the event.

Name brainstorming: While brainstorming the name of the event consider on

  1. What you want to convey through the event?
  2. How is your event different from other events in the same sector?

Design a logo: The final thing is to design a logo for representing your event; this can be an effective branding tool. This can immediately bring recognition to the event in public and promo item like water bottles, bags, T Shirts, Caps etc


  1. Create a Master plan

The master planning should encompass all the necessary aspects of the event which include

  • Activities/Entertainment
  • Registrations > (Online and offline e.g. online promotions, event calendar, web page, media relations, printed programs, social media and signage)
  • Speaker/presenters,
  • The Venue, Logistics, Catering (permits, insurance, contract etc)
  • Sponsors & partners
  • Volunteer Management


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